Ladies what's the first move your boyfriend made on you?

As in, what was the situation he first touched you, held hands, hugged, etc.


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  • Somehow he found out I hated to be tickled so he did that.. Which moved from tickling to hands lingering around my waist.. etc etc..

    It actually turned out to be a very good way of getting close without the build up being too intimate or awkward :)


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  • My previous 2 exes: when we met the third time I stretched out my hand as usual for greeting and instead,they opened out their arms and hugged me.I din really like that but I don't know how I'd have prefered it so.from there their hands were always all over me.

  • It was raining...I rode my bike over to his house...I got all wet...he invited me in for a movie, snuck me in his sisters room, laying on the floor so cold and wet, he wrapped me in a blanket...falling asleep...shivver shivver...he gently carressed the back of my neck...i had been waiting 7 years...for him to make any kind of move...and now he won't leave me alone :P

    • So before in the whole 7 years he never held you hand or anything like that, then all of a sudden started caressing your neck?

    • yes...but in 2007 we got seperated after high school...and didn't run into each other till 4 years 2011

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