Is he trying to flirt? What do his eyes speak?

OMG, I just can't figure what's going on? (my male teacher) He's married and he's 32-33 - ALWAYS stares ONLY at me in class for so long and sometimes I look back, but he doesn't turn away and stares deeper in my eyes, so I instinctively felt that he likes me, but I don't know. One day we were having coffee and he sat next to me and constantly looked at my eyes like nothing and no one else mattered. Furthermore, he finds a way to chat and joke with me when he is around. My best friend also noticed these things and says that he maybe is trying to express that he has something for me... When a guy is attracted to you usually does the same things... What should I think? Is he trying to flirt?


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  • sense you're under age and he's married it's illegal in at least 2 ways. I think he might have a crush on you but don't let him take it any further than that just be friendly with him and tell him you like to hang out (if that's what you want) but you are only interested in being with guys your own age.

    • thanks :)

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    • thanks for the advice

    • any time. Thanks for picking me as best. :D

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  • To be honest a man in his position and age should know better. I would totally blank it out.

  • You should think that what's he's doing is illegal and he should be reported to the school authorities. Go find a guidance counsellor to speak to...STAT.