I miss him and don't know what to do :(

I met this boy by the name of frank during my freshman year of high school and I started liking him so fast I didn't even expect it. I don't know what about him cause me to like him so much but I try my best not to take it serious but anytime I see him smile it makes me so weak. During my sophomore year ( he was a junior ) we started to talk more but he moved to connecticut and I remember crying so much till my chest hurt badly. I thought I would've got over him by the end of the year but I still think about him everyday. Now I'm a junior and I met this guy by the name of francisco that look just like frank and he notice I got my eyes on him for a while so he approached me and told me not to be a stranger but I'm too shy to talk to him so he alway try to say hi and talk to me when my friends are not around. The thing is I don't wanna be with him just because he look like frank because he's a nice and cool person but I can't get frank out of my head WHAT SHOULD I DO PLEASE HELP ME


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  • Well this Francisco sounds like a good guy, maybe become friends with anyway. Yea, he reminds you of an old crush, but he'll be a good friend. Also, try and talk to Frank. Do you still have number or email? Organize to meet up sometime, maybe bringing him back into your life will help you remember who he is and that Francisco isn't Frank. (If that makes sense?)

    • i no longer have frank on Facebook since he deactivated his account but I have his brother and cousin as friends but they don't know that I know him and I'm scared toask them about him because I don't want to seem like a stalker

    • Awww, if you explain you're an old friend of his they'd understand? I'm sure they'd pass on a message or something & you never know till you try. :)

    • your right.. thank you so much you helped alot

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