Can a guy like 2 girls at the same time?

is it possible for a guy to like 2 different girls at the same time? there kinda opposites and good friends.I'm just asking if it's possible or if any of you have done it already ..?


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  • It is absolutely possible! There are most likely (different) reasons you are attracted to either girl, but you need to tread lightly on this one. I have had experiences where I was attracted to a woman, and her best friend. Each one had their own unique (and a bit odd) personality that I found very interesting. (one was into video games like myself, and the other was into outdoor activities) If you want to date one of these girls, unfortunately you will have to deal with with being attracted to her friend as well.

    In this particular situation, however, you need to be careful because trying to date a girl who is best friends with another of your "interests" can come back and bite you in the ass, so to speak. You need to figure out which girl you feel you have the MOST interest in, because since they're such good friends, they will tell each other EVERYTHING (what do you think women do when they go to the restroom together?) What you need to do, is simply plan a get together with the girls and a few of your friends (if they're in the same social circle) and feel the situation out as to which girl is most "receptive" to you, and slowly build rapport with her. The get-together of friends helps to diffuse any tension, and makes conversation a bit easier, since you aren't asking one girl on a date.

    When you feel as though you have a good read as to which girl takes better interest to you, you can slowly build a relationship between the both of you, and see where it goes. JUST BE YOURSELF, and if either one doesn't show interest, don't worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea!


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  • totally possible. happens all the time!

  • Yes. Plus, you are in a VERY young age group, so there's no guarantee that he actually LIKES either one of you. He is simply attracted to a certain type and finds anyone within that type attractive. Chances are, there are more than two of you, and even women of different age ranges who fit that type. It's natural for a young boy to identify and seek out the "type" of woman that attracts him sexually.

  • well, I'm a girl, and I like 2 guys right now, so I'd assume it can be the same with fact, I have know guys who are torn between a couple of girls before, and often they are quite different types of girls. I don't think it's out of the ordinary really. The only issue would be if he had a girlfriend and was liking someone else. lol.

    • k thx

      and YES he's singal !

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    • ya I know but the things is is that I NEVER GET TO SEE HIM!

      and the only time that I talk to him is on Facebook and even not that much there but like how long do you think it takes a guy to get over( forget that he likes) her?

      I can't stop thinking about him it's crazy!

      but it's also 'cause my other friend like him and she goes to the same school as him so...

      but se doesn't know that I like him 2... :S

    • hmmm...sounds like a sticky situation.and I think it takes a while to get over a girl, unless some other girl walks into his life that he just falls head over heels for. by the way, you can message me if you want, I'm blondie2013. lol. I just friended you a couple days ago.

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