Best way to ask someone to prom?

so my problem is that I'm having a hard time asking my friend to prom. I have this huge fear of talking to people, talking to strangers, talking in front of people, "confronting" people, talking on the phone to strangers...and he's my best guy friend so I feel like it shouldn't be that hard but every time I go to ask him I freeze up and no words come out...

i was going to ask him over Skype cause he's in college and I'm not and I won't see him in person unless I drove up there but I don't want to it to be like a romantic thing. but every time we're on Skype I freeze up and don't ask him.i feel like texting is a little too impersonal cause we're good friends and its kind of chickening out...and I wouldn't know if it's a bad time or his reaction etc. but I don't kno what to do! I'm running out of time since prom is in like a month

i also like him so its part nervousness


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  • By a box of his favorite lolllies (preferably in a plastic bag inside the box), e.g. mNm's. At the bottom use a nail file to open the packet, make sure nothing falls out. Slip in a note asking him to prom. Give him the box. When he opens it, he'll find the note.

    Good luck! It worked for me, hope it does for you!

    • 2 problems, I would need to ship them...which I guess I could do overnight or something so it doesn't get there too late...and I can't tell what crosses the line at being too romantic cause I didn't want it to be a date per say

    • Don't stress about making the note romantic. Do something cute, eg. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I was thinking maybe I, could go to prom with you. It's corny and sweet. :)

    • Don't stress about making it romantic. Just make it to the point but cute; e.g. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'd really like it if, I could go to prom with you.

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