Would you hang out with people you did not like?

Say you have mutual friends. But you despise them and have no respect for them. Would you hang out with them just cause the mutual friend wanted you all to be a big happy family?

I have told my friend over and over I do not like them and he knows why.

And still thinks we're supposed to hang. I don't get it. What would you do?

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I have a few times before. And I'm over it. The mutual friend tonight tells me the girl said to ask me to have a party at my place. WTF!


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  • I have and probably would. As long as we can both be adults, it should be fine. There is this one girl who is really mean to me for no reason. I guess she just doesn't like me. But she is friends with pretty much all my friends. So I have had to hang out with her on occasion. Lucky for me, she rarely stays long when we have to hang out! :P

    Now friends knowing that you two don't like each other and trying to get you two to hang is pretty silly. Your friend should respect how you feel and be sensitive to that. You can't like everyone and for whatever reason you and the other friend are not friends. That is perfectly normal. There are lots of people my friends know that I don't know and I still manage fine in life.

    I had friends that tried to do that to me and it always ended badly. They can't force you to be friends with someone who doesn't like you or vice versa. You can still be their friend even when they have friends that don't like you. I would talk to your friend about this.

    Let them know how you feel. You have already told them why, but remind them. Sometimes people just don't think some things are a big deal. For instance, my one friend thought that me and my ex bf's new girlfriend and my ex boyfriend should be best friends. WTF :S My ex boyfriend ruined one of my friendships, hurt me and now thinks that we should all be friends?

    Needless to say we never became friends. Actually I like his new girlfriend, I just don't like him! :P


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What Guys Said 4

  • Yea, I have to do it multiple times a week, and my only solution is to tell the person you despise that you despise them. Be very open about your hate. Either the person you hate will shut their mouth around you, stop being around you, or you will have to find other friends.

    Im openly mean towards the girl I don't like and she stops going around me and if she is around me she doesn't say much because I can be a real d***. I'm usually a great guy, she just brings it out of me.

    • is that a co worker?

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    • Damn...

    • yup, not saying its right or the adult thing to do but its sure as hell does work.

  • depends on the occasion

    if I don't like them and its not an important event for my friend I wouldn't

    i mostly just hate when those people show up outta nowhere cause then you get stuck

    • I told him I'll leave the next time they show up.

    • i don't blame you, I do the same

      its better to walk away than cause bigger problem since its your friend who gets stuck in the middle of it

  • no way. I spend time with people that I like and that's it.

  • I hate to admit it but I have done that and will probably do it again. I don't do it very much but sometimes I feel like I have to. This is especially the case with guy friends with girlfriends I hate but it also happens with guy fiends that have guy friends I hate. I won't do it all the time, just occasionally because sometimes in life we have to do things we don't like for those we do like and we expect the same back.


What Girls Said 3

  • I've been in a lot of situations like this. I usually don't unless its something important that the friend is having (like a party). You don't owe anyone anything so no point in trying to make things work with someone if it just doesn't. There's billions of people out there. You don't need to force yourself t be friends with ones you obviously don't like.

  • To me it depends on what your doing or the occasion...for example if your going somewhere where you could possibly look like the odd one out of the group then I wouldn't feel comfortable but if its the mutual friends birthday or they invited you to an important event of theirs then Id go and ignore the person/people I don't like because in the end your not there for them.

  • Well if can I would avoid it but if I have no choice what else I can do :/