Call him or no...What would you do?

About a month ago a guy I went to high school with asked to be friends on Facebook. Well when we were in school we were so in different group of friends and we never talked or hung out. Ten years out of school we still never talked or gave each other the time a day.

He made comment on Facebook saying its funny how people will talk to you and then just ignore you and not talk and them people can just F**k Off. Well I clicked on the like button after reading that. That was all. Then about a week later this guy messaged me on FB saying "he just wanted to message me and say hi". The next day I messaged him back "Hi how have you been". So then wee started messaging back and fourth for a few days until he asked me to just text him and gave me his number.

Well this last weekend he asked me if I would like to go have a drink. I couldn't because I had to fix breaks in car and told him that I could Saturday night if he wasn't busy. So we went and had a few drinks and then went to his place and caught up about things since high school. We talked for about 5 hours laughing and having a good time.

So we were just sitting there talking and we made eye contact and held it for awhile and before I knew if we were kissing. A little while of kissing and him gently holding me we had sex. It was close to 7am then and I had to go home. He gave me a hug and I left.

Since then we have only text one time and that was to say Happy Easter. I don't know if he is just shy to contact me after what happened and is waiting for me to contact him because we both would of never thought that would happen. Or should I ask him what's going on/

So I am asking for advice to what I should do or why this all even happened. What could he be possibly thinking?

Sorry so long.


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  • the one thing that makes anything awkward is sex..i have found that talking after sex helps alot. cause then you can figure out things together but just leaving sounds like friends with benefits to me so keep it casual if you have some free time invite him out if he's free he would probably do the same. but its hard to determine things when you have sex and don't comment or joke after the fact to break that last little awkward barrier. been there done that .lol just go with what you feel is most important.


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