Texting game - how to get it onto the next level?

I've noticed that most of the girls prefer to text

I am a bad texter. I just don't know what/how/when to text

What about length/frequency/# of emoticons? lol

Thanks girls and guys


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  • Ok, if you like the girl: don't take long hours to reply, try to avoid really short answers, but keep it minimum- so don't send 2texts talking about one thing, and use emotions- :), ;p, :D, etc.


What Guys Said 1

  • practise on omagle chat :P

    • Never thought about it. Are you on there? What is it like and what kind of people are on it? Cheers!

    • i go there once in a while, there are only idiots on video but some of the people on text are descent.

      word of advise, asl means age sex location, don't ask that, makes you come out as horny guy who looks for girls to talk dirty to

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