21 year old..basically just starting college...dateable?

So basically rite after high school...I went to school but only got about 6 credits done...then I dropped out and worked full time..lived with my roomie...I had issues with my parents and put getting out of the house as my number one priority. Well fast forward 2.5 years...my roomie had to split and I patched things up with my parents (living way from home allowed us to cool off and having my space made me easier to get along with...) I was about to move in with a divorced friend...but my parents told me I could come home if I wanted...I've been home for about 5 months and everything is going good...i realize that without rent or bills..i can go back to school...I want a girlfriend really bad...have for a long time but I didn't bother dating since I didn't think any girls wanted a guy that just works 40 hrs at a dead end job and just makes enough to support himself. But now I'm worried because, even though I'm going to juco...most of the girls in my classes will be 18-19...even though is juco and there will be some older people. I feel like I'm just a loser that totally behind and iut really makes me just wanna no deal with girls...whenever a girl tries to be friendly with me at work or whatever...I'm polite but never strike up a conversation and seem like I'm just not interested in talking to them. I just feel like I'm out of everyone's league because they're in school. often have 2-3 years already done and know what they wanna do etc...I'm afraid I just have already lost out.


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  • I honestly don't think that you've lost out. Just because of the fact that you are in college again doesn't make you seem any less. You were in college before, and took time off, and now you're back at it. Most people would have taken time off and would NEVER get back to it. I would definitely appreciate a guy who is willing to gain further education and has the will power to do so. : ) You're "dateable" ; you just have to find the right person who appreciates you're outlook on things and doesn't mind what your situation is at the moment. Like for me, I wouldn't mind if you lived with your parents, because I honestly think that living with your parents while going to college is a HUGE money saver. Because you get to save up money for yourself when you are done with college and ready to move out on your own and get the job you've been seeking. : )


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  • I didn't start college until I was 29, and I can tell you with certainty that being an older college student does not make you a loser. In fact, I think it gives me certain advantages over other students. Right now, due to the bad economy and military vets going to school, the number of older students on campus is at an all time high in America. There is absolutely no reason to think that you are somehow undateable because you are a couple years older than the average college freshman. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if 21 was the average age of college freshmen.

    It sounds like your problem is confidence more than anything else. It almost seems like you are making excuses for why people shouldn't like you. Confidence is not really something that you can get from someone else, but I can give you this advice. Stop wanting a girlfriend. So many guys think that getting a girlfriend will make their life better. If you think that you are putting the cart before the horse. What you need to do is focus on making your life better. Once you do that things like confidence and having a girlfriend will happen with time.

    The key is that if you want any change in your life, it has to start with you making the decision that your life is worth living and that you are a person that deserves a happy life. You need to decide that there is nothing wrong with you, and that the only thing holding you back from your success is your own fear of failure.

    Best of luck, and feel free to message me if you need clarification.

    • this may sound dumb...but I think confidence is inspite of beinr rational..if your good looking..have things going for you..be confidient...but if your not and you dont...no reason to be confident...

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    • o yes...i did graduate high school...not college...sorry I didn't know what you meant...

    • Yeah I meant high school. And don't sell yourself short. Finishing high school is something to be proud of, many people don't actually do it.