For those who date MULTIPLE people; do you let that person know on the FIRST date that you are open to this?

DISCLAIMER: "date" in this question means friends with benefits and/or any intimacy with another person/people


I happened to think about those who date multiple ppl, and I wonder when (or if) he/she lets the other person know that they're open to date other people as well as him/her.


So everyone, please vote and elaborate.

Do you or do you not date multiple ppl?

Whether you do or not, do you think that this person should know on the FIRST date that he/she is open to see other ppl, so the person in question knows their true intentions and there will be no miscommunication?

Do you think that most people who date multiple people let the other person know about their dating practices on the 1st date?

Most importantly, WHY did you answer every question the way you did?


Thanks for responding. :)

  • I date multiple ppl; I let that person know on the 1st date
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  • I date multiple ppl; I DONT let that person know on the 1st date
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  • I DONT date multiple ppl; he/she should let that person know on the 1st date
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  • I DONT date multiple ppl; he/she should NOT let that person know on the 1st date
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  • It's the first date. I'm just trying to get to know you and have fun, not talk about what I do with other people. When I'm with you, I'm just focused on you why we gotta talk about anyone else? Let things flow naturally, you really shouldn't be caring about that anyway. Now when things start to get serious then that's when you would let the other person know, but to me its not necessary on the first date. I wouldn't let him know I'm open to it, nor would I ask if he is or not. I don't have any claims on him on the first date nor does he have any on me.

    • When you say "anyone" else, are you talking strictly about dating history, or about friends / family / co-workers as well?

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    • a lot of guys equate "dating" and "seeing" with HAVING SEX WITH and I don't want to give off that assumption that I'm sleeping around. So I'd say that I am open to finding the right guy for me and committing to him.

    • Oh damn...never thought about it that way (the "dating" / "seeing" = f*cking).

      You get a thumb-up for that. :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • C.

  • I don't date multiple people but I think its only fair to let the other person know early on.

  • I do not date multiple people.


What Guys Said 6

  • to straighten things out:

    Dating is not a commitment, dating is surely not a relationship and far from a start of one

    The first date is for both people to get to know each other and I wouldn't mention that I'm dating other people right on the first date and I would assume it is posseble for the other person to do so aswell if the first date ends well and I think that this person is the right one I would actually stop dating multiple people untill I am sure that she is not the one for me

    however dating multiple people at once really sounds a bit desperate to get into a relationship unless the dating sticks to just doing activities together but nothing further then that (lets say a friend date)

    • Why not let the person know right off the bat (instead of assuming) that you are open to dating other people if you do indeed do that?

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    • I wouldn't really lose intrest by saying it, she on the other hand would. Chances are thst the second date ends up with a guy friend of her tagging along or that she would become so jealous that she calls it quits or that you end up in the friend zone or even worse

      The first date is to get to know the person and not your history of dates or the people you are currently dating, you wouldn't tell a girl that you hsve an illness on the bat or that you just broke up a few weeks/months ago

    • And well to the date you are referring to, friends with benefits.. Well it really doesn't matter if you tokd them, its not a normal relationship between the two of you however there is a chance things get a littke worsr but I wouldn't really worry about that

  • Never done it, I would possibly date multiple people if I were single again. Certainly I'd 'get to know' multiple people. Would I be intimate with multiple people in an ongoing way? Maybe.

    Do you have to tell them? I'm not sure. You certainly need to not give any impression you're monogamous if you're not.

    If you're likely to maintain that arrangement, I think you can let it slide that you're not interested in a monogamous relationship.

  • No. You do not even know the person at that point. You are just getting to know them and determining if you want to maybe see them again. Going into where your relationship with that person stands at that point is crazy.

  • dating multiple people? That's cheating! What a terrible thing to do!

    • Read the first 3 lines he's not asking for people to tell their partner theyre dating others..

    • Obviously this person below me didn't:

      1) read the title of the question

      2) read beyond sentence number three

  • I do not date multiple people that's wrong

  • Yeah, it's just respectful, I'd rather them know I'm meeting other people straight away than lead them on and make em think something more will happen when it won't.

    If its just someone iv met on a night out an I bring em back to my house I tell em there and then that it's just gonna be sex to me and nothing else and I'm at a stage in my life were I just want to have fun and if they want to leave then fair enough.

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