If a guy didn't like you, would he even make a effort to text you like everyday? what other signs are there?

the guy I like texts me everyday. if he didn't like me back would he even text me first or make contact with me?

what other signs are there to look for to see if he likes me back?


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  • To answer your first question, I don't think he would make an effort to text you, or text you back, if he didn't like you. But, if he texts you everyday like you said. Then yes. I would think he has an interest in you.

    Notice how long it is for him to text you back, as I'm sure you have done that already. If he texts you in the morning, saying "Good morning", or "Wake up sleepy head!", then you would have to think he is thinking about you. Right? That is a good sign that he is interested in you.

    Hope this Helps!

  • If he texts you like every day, its a good sing that he just sees you as a friend and nothing more. It is with friends that you contact and chat that much, no someone you are interested on. When a guy is interested on a girl he calls to get a date and that's it. Then they meet in person and things move from there.

    • I agree, I mean me and my guy friend text each other A LOT and we don't see ourselves intimately.

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