Who has it Easier in the World of Dating, Guys or Girls?

Coming from the perspective of a guy with bad people skills, it seems that women have it easier because guys don't care about a girls' people skills. In order for a girl to get guys' attentions, she just has to look pretty.

Whereas, for guys, both are important. Maybe one can compensate for the other, but if you're a guy with 10 in looks but 3 in people skills, you're probably going to get with the girl with 3 to 5 in looks.

Yet, a girl who's a 10 in looks but 3 in people skills will still be able to get with the guy who is a 10 in looks and a 10 in people skills. There doesn't have to be any kind of compromise for her.

But, on the other hand, I guess women might think that it's unfair that men don't have focus on their looks as much or worry about having to settle for less when they get older. However, I think that the age thing isn't entirely true either and it can still be the same for both guys and girls.

I don't know, I just think that its easier for a woman to attract men than it is for a man to attract women. There's less work involved for the woman than there is for the man.

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I read something interesting from one male voter thinks that men have it easier for most of our lives. He agrees that while we are young (16-26 he says) women have it easier, but says that throughout the rest of our lives men have it easier.

This goes back to my earlier comment about women having to settle for less when they get older.

Do you guys agree that this is true? That ONLY women have to worry about settling less when they get older, whereas we men never have to worry about this?


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  • This isn't even a contest, girls. They might pretend or delude themselves that they have it so hard, but that's bullsh*t. Yes, I'm not saying it's the easiest thing in the world, but let's be honest, women tend to sit and wait for guys to come to them and guys eventually do. Men on the other hand have to do the really hard work of initiating EVERYTHING and that's a lot of work. I mean, for any girl who dares claim it isn't, why aren't you initiating anything? And don't say something like "cause guys are supposed to" cause that's bullsh*t. Especially if you dare want to be considered an equal.

    So ya, girls. Any girl who DARE claims guys is an idiot.

    • Right on brother.

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    • To be honest, women appear to act like they can do anything that they want to us. Use and manipulate us to get their way. And, it's not just the pretty ones that do this, but Even the fat, ugly ones act like they're better than us.

      And, some of them, when they get older and find that men aren't so easily controlled by them, they become bitter.

      I don't want some nice girl to end up alone or anything, even if she was ugly. But, I don't feel sorry for the bitches who do end up alone.

    • Neither do I. They deserve it tbh.

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  • I think the girls have it easier. But there are also some things that make it balance out. Girls have it easier in the whole approaching thing because they get approached very easily. At least, most of them...But then there's the whole relationship thing that can be a little more difficult for the girl than it would normally be for the guy. Thing that usually happens is the girl starts to fall for the guy & maybe she moves a little quickly & that makes him back off. That's where the difficult part comes in for the girl because now she wants him but he's far away...idk if this goes for all girls but I know that's how it goes for some. But then there are also occasions when this happens to the guy & he's the one left feeling upset. In some ways, it kind of balances out

    • I feel like it's harder for a guy at the very first bit, but harder for women when they are in it. like I don't worry til I actually fall. guys tend to worry till the girl falls...

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    • That's because, generally speaking, women tend to suffer from loneliness anxiety. Part of that does come from the fact that when she does become old enough, she's not likely to find anyone. Generally speaking, it is easier for a guys in their 30's on up to get a woman who's much younger than him - especially if he never really had a hard time getting a date when he was younger - than it is for a woman to get with any man.

    • But, in my honest opinion, that's mostly women's fault. Women always want to get with the "cool" guys - even when they're old. Loser guys, on the other hand, have to spend the rest of our lives struggling, it seems. When we get old, the women who couldn't get with the cool guys they sought after their whole young adulthood hate themselves for going out with us. Like, they're bitter for having to "settle". Which is really insulting, because even as we get older we're still lesser than them.

  • It all depends what either one is looking for. If a girl wants ab/f looks will only keep him interested for so long...

    • Well, I was talking about the world of dating. I think that you're right about personality having a big role in relationships. The way that guys are wired, it's like they're wired to impregnate as many fertile females possible - with no regards to the outcome of the offspring. But, when it comes to their willingness to take care of the offspring, that's where the relationship with the female becomes important.

      This is true for all primates, humans are also included.

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    • And, I meant species in the plural form. Specifically, the males of the human species aren't so niive because we have technology to inform us if our children are our offspring or not. And, even males of the lesser intelligent dry-nosed primates are still occasionally wise enough to figure out if a child belongs to them or not by looking at them. So, it doesn't always work out for the female if she gets impregnated by some other monkey.

    • why do you think only looks will keep him interested for so long?

  • I think guys have it easier. If a guy looked nice the girls (quote 'girls') flock to him within minutes. A beautiful woman is ignored unless she is stupid and slutty. Also, she would have to do all the talking while the guy texts his friends about the hot girl.

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    • I give answers based on what I see. I already knew the votes would be negative, and that is why I wrote it. Maybe if I saw one man not gawk at & almost break his neck over the p orn star look a like then my answer would change. Until then, keep the votes coming.

    • women don't have to initiate anything

  • I think ti sucks for both but guys have it easier

    • Why do you think that? In what way do guys have it easier and girls have it harder?

    • Guys have it easier.. how? Cause we have to be the ones who initiate every f***ing date? Have to be the courageous ones and say how we feel first? Cause we are expected to put in a ridiculous amount of effort from the start just to garner attention and then expected to KEEP UP that level of effort the entire relationship? I call bullsh*t on men having it "easier."

    • yeah how do guys have it easier?

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  • Girls may complain about their lower status and beng treated as objects, but in the dating world, it's sure harder to be a guy, and he's still expected to pay, and he's hte one being judged. The woman doesn't hae t eet ay standards, but the guy does.

    • The woman doesn't have to meet any standards really except being pretty. The guy should be well dressed, have a nice car, money to spend on her, be patient, a good listener, and the list goes on! and ON>>>>

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    • You're absolutely right about the venting part. It's generally expected of us to keep our sh*t bottled inside, whereas we're also expected to be good listeners to women when they moan about their problems.

    • This has to be the best answer!

  • It's not even close. Women have it easier. In almost every case, men have to make the move, and they're the ones who have to worry about being rejected or feeling like a complete failure.

  • girls by far

  • I voted guys, but girls age 16-26 or so have it much easier, but then it starts getting much harder for them.

    So for most of your life, guys have it easier.

    • I don't know. Maybe from your perspective, but do you think that this is how most men experience it?

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    • Feel free to message me by the way, or send friend request. I haven't dated in years, but I can suggest what I can, and know a little bit about overcoming weak social skills.

    • Thanks.

  • girls by a landslide

    • Girls really do. I get tired of being rejected so much. It really sucks balls, and women seem to have no empathy towards us men. Like we're lesser than them, or at least guys like me are lesser than them.

    • yeah, that's all

  • Girls have it easier for the aforementioned reasons below. Women have nothing to complain about.

  • Girls, because they don't need confidence or social-skills, conversation-skills, the right attitude, mindset, mentality, way of thinking, etc.

    • I kind of agree. It seriously is not that hard to just simply look good. I don't care about what anyone says. Whereas, a guy can look good all that he wants, he still has to go out and go talk to the girls himself, unless he wants to settle for fatties because that's what a good-looking shy guy with no self-esteem has to settle for.

      Yet, a shy, pretty girl is wanted by men even more. A woman being bashful is a turn-on for most men, but it's not the other way around for women.

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    • And, lol. I'll be f***ing honest here, women don't put a lot on their dating profiles. It really annoys me, because people give advice not to comment on how good they look on their picture and to find something in common. But, common ground is nearly impossible for some of their profiles. Women are so lazy when it comes to online dating. And, you can tell that that's because society allows them to be. Yet, complain that we have things easier. That's flipping ridiculous.

    • i agree with him

  • i bet if I was a girl, I would have had a boyfriend a very long time ago, eventhough I'm not gay, I'm straight.

  • I pick A

  • "guys don't care about a girls' people skills."

    Maybe *desperate* sad and lonely guys don't care, because they'll date anything and have no standards.

    Most guys do not want to date a girl who is a social wallflower stay-at-home Jenny-no-mates kind of girl.

    • Honestly, I don't think that most guys care if a girl has any friends or not. It seems that they just care about how good she looks. Haven't you ever heard other guys talk about this, looks vs. personality? Looks almost always trumps personality in these conversations.

      Women might think that it's unfair, but it's not like looks don't matter to women either. Women have to only worry about one thing about themselves, whereas we guys have to worry about everything about ourselves.

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    • Not to get dates, they don't.

    • Any twit can get a date. It's about getting a second, third, fourth date.