How often do you have to see your partner before giving up?

What is your point of leaving a relationship when it comes to actually spending time with your partner. Do you have to see them a certain amount a week or can you go periods without seeing them, as long as you feel everything is okay.

If you two have been dating between 1-3 months what are your feelings about this?

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  • Whenever. I don't need a cetain amount of time with them.
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To expand- Do you ever feel insecure because of a lack of time spent together. I am not talking about long distance relationships. I'm referring to someone you are seeing that lives nearby, you just don't see each other regularly because of whatever reason.
This has bothered me in the past, although not so much now. I was wondering if it was fair that I often got upset that people don't always make time for one another. I just get a bad feeling if a week passes without any type of face-to-face interaction. Either a lack of interest on her part or a fear that I will lose interest (this often happens).
This question isn't for people in long distance relationships.

I already understand the way those generally work. This is more geared toward people still getting to know one another and dating. Not for those that have dated for a long time and go long distance.


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  • No, I can go for a while without seeing my boyfriend. I love him very much and his job keeps us away sometimes. But when he is around we do our best to see each other.

    Right now my boyfriend is off getting trained, he's in the military, so we make it work. Now we have been together over a year now, so we have had more time together. But I think if someone really loves you, they will wait.

    Just because you can't see your boyfriend or girlfriend for a week, doesn't mean things are over. People that think that way are usually immature. Sometimes life doesn't allow for your lover to be with you all the time. You have to have more than seeing each other to make a relationship work.

    Think about in the past when there weren't cars, people took boat or a horse and buggy. It could take months or even years to see their loved ones. And they managed. They wrote letters, they would send packages, do what they could to see or at least hear from each other.

    Now a days it's made even easier. If you can't see your lover, give them a text message, shoot out an email, even send them a letter or a postcard if they are that far away. Communication really is key and if you can keep the lines of communication open, you can have a healthy relationship.

    • It's not that we don't make time for each other, but we have other obligations. I make time for my boyfriend, he just can't always be with me because his job needs him in different places some times. I don't get mad because it's his job and I am proud of him. Different things work for different people. So you can't really say one person is wrong, everyone is different. Some people need to be around their lover more than others.

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  • Whenever. I don't give them a time limit to see me before breaking up.

  • My boyfriend is in the military and his currently posted 6 hours from where I live. Since he lives there, we don't exactly get to see each other often. We do talk over the phone 3 times a week. Or we Skype each other here and there. When ever he does come into town, we he would stay at my place just so we can be together for the time he is here. I think it's what helps our relationship stick around.

  • I'm in a long distance relationship at the moment with my boyfriend, so I'm lucky if I can see him once a month. (Due to college/work). I don't give up on the relationship due to this, because any relationship can last throughout distance as long as the communication is strong.


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  • Favorable I would prefer 2x a week.

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