How can I be more sensitive to women without being a wussy?

I don't wear my emotions on my sleeve and I appear very selfish and arrogant. But I'm really a kind caring person, I lost girls cauee of it, and I hear that if you tell a girl you like her she'll walk all over you. And lose the challenge of attraction. What can I do?


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  • "I hear that if you tell a girl you like her she'll walk all over you" that's stupid we want to hear that you like us and, when you're at that point, love us. She won't walk over you for that.

    Which is extremley unattractive is when a man doesn't have his opinion anymore. You can have a healthy relationship, be loving and caring but at the same time don't have to agree with her on everything. Of course you have to compromise every once in a while, but be sure she compromises just as often.

    It's no secret that women like strong but that doesn't mean you can't be sad or vulnerable sometimes, I'm sure she'll even enjoy taking care of you every once in a while, but shouldn't be always like that.

    For somen women it's important that their boyfriend appears "rough" in public, while it doesn't matter so much when you're alone. so if you have a bad time try not to show it in public and wait until you two are alone, but then be honest about you feelings

  • Act how you feel and the right girl will stay. Trust me, I'm engaged to a nice sweet masculin guy.


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