Why do men consider women "trouble"?

I've been doing some reflecting and I've realized, the last 5 men I was involved with at some point said: "you're trouble." And each of these 5 men usually said it fairly early on, like when the gentlemen and I were still in the "casual dating" arena of the relationship.

What does that MEAN? I want to think maybe this reflects solely on me but I have heard other men refer to different women as trouble, so I'm starting to think this is a general belief amongst the male population...? But I really can't get to the root of the reasoning behind it.


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  • Maybe they think you're an attention whore--someone who's addictively attractive at first glance and first date but ultimately a girl they couldn't trust.

  • umm girls are only trouble if we think they are doing something they shouldnt. If the girl is good to go then we don't consider them trouble.

    Girls can be trouble though, I've seen them get so dramatic and start rumors that in all honesty scares me... haha

    But yeah, that's just my opinion.

  • i think you dated more than one guy at a time...n when you were with him you had a lot of incoming calls,


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