He doesn't call after sex

On date 3 we had sex.

It was pretty good.

He was very attentive the day after, we spent the morning together and he said he wanted to go on more dates etc - really did seem geniune - various options no less!

I then texted him something random a few days later, which he replied, but didn't ask ask any more questions.

He had tried to give me some gifts (potted flower and something he had bought on the date - but I said no) - which now I am saying to myself may have left him a bit miffed - but is this is just to comfort myself for him not contacting me.

I really did think he liked me. Do you think I should text him?

Sorry it has been over a week now since I texted him and he has made no move to contact me since. I really do like him - a lot!


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