Is it me or another person?


I have a girlfriend. It is not like that ‘girlfriend’ girlfriend. I mean we were just friends, literally, because I had feelings for her and didn’t know if she had the same for me or not. Now recently (2 months to be accurate), I proposed her. It wasn’t like those cool romantic touchy proposals. I did it during texting her. you can assume that it is a distant relationship. We were classmates till class 10. Well, actually she pressed me up to tell why I was asking a question which I suppose she didn’t expect/want me to ask. Then my replying text was eventually a proposal. She almost immediately replied that she considered me a good friend and I should go on with sum1 else. Then I asked her to take her time, there is no hurry. But she relied that she has some1 already.

It is almost a year since she told me that she has none in mind. That is why I asked, “Den I was wrong to believe you whn you said you have none in mind?”

She replied, “Na…. He has just proposed me!”

Me, “who da heck is dis guy? And when did he propose?”

This, I shouldn't have written. I know now that it was a wrong move because dis is her last text.

She replied, “U are making me angry”

Later, I texted her intermittently. But she didn’t reply a single 1. Now I m confused. What did she mean by “He”? Another person or me?


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  • I would think that at she meant you and was angry that you didn't understand that. but I'm having a little bit of trouble in understanding this...

    • m confused by the psychology too...that is why I thought I could use some help...

    • it was the wording that confused me lol but I still think that maybe she meant you and was mad that you didn't see that

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