What should I do about this guy I met online?

I'm on a social networking site called myyearbook.com. Usually, I would have never even think about meeting up with guys or anyone from over the Internet but I feel a connection with one particular guy...

I've been talking to this guy for almost 2 days. We've gotten personal and everything. (We asked each other personal questions and talked about personal stuff..) We also added each other on Facebook yesterday (we also have a mutual friend on FB who I plan on asking if this guy is legit.) And, this guy also says that he wants to go out with me and wants me to be his girlfriend. He says that I'm the only one who treats him like a human being and gives him respect and cares about him (he's going through something w/his family; he told me about it after I asked him if his family and friends treat him like a human being..) He's 20 and I'm 18. He says he's looking for a relationship and everything. He wants to hangout and I want to hangout and meet him too. I just don't know if I should. I mean, I feel like he just wants a girlfriend just to have one but at the same time, we're always talking whenever we're online via Facebook or myyearbook. He always asks me how my day is going and how I am doing. He's always complimenting me, telling me he misses me, and he even told me that he really likes me (I like him too) and want to meet him..

If I find out that he's legit, I will have my parents meet him (if they allow me to date him; although I am 18 but I still want there approval..) before we hang out or go on a date.

**NOTE: I haven't even told him what town I live in (just the state I live in) and on Facebook, I made it so he can't see what town I am in. Just saying..** (I know he can probably figure out what town but I have a good feeling that he's not a pervert or a pedophile considering he doesn't act like a pervert w/me and if he's friends w/one of my old friends on FB, I don't think he would be a pedophile if she still has him as a friend on there..)*

Should I take a chance with him or just stop talking to him? I don't want to lead him on if this doesn't sound like a good idea..

~NOTE: If he's legit, I do plan on getting to know him even more before we hang out and go out on a date obviously.~

Please don't judge me and say that I'm naive for thinking about meeting a guy from over the Internet. I know it's risky and all but I plan on finding out if my old friend knows him well and if he's legit the person he says he is... And, my sister met her boyfriend of 3-4 months online and I've heard of a lot of good relationships/friendships starting online.

~~Please help?~~


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  • Stranger Danger


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  • As long as you make sure he legit and take precautions there is no reason not to meet him, plenty of people meet people online these days


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  • How can you miss someone and only knowing them for 2 days? I would wait and see what your friend says and I would get your parents advice too.