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I just got off the phone with my aunt and she was persuading me dump my current boyfriend. You see she wants me to date a guy with no kids and were never married. The current guy I’m with has three kids and he says he “not married”. She also say that when we get married that all his money will go to his “ex wife” and his kids. I’ve been thinking long and hard about this and realized that I’m 23 years old. I’m not the sweet angel that she thinks I am. I’ve made some foolish mistakes in my life and then learned from them and did it again. I know she means well but I don’t walk in her home and tell her son how to raise her granddaughter. Should I take her advice or just ignore it and let me deal with myself?My mom doesn't have a problem with it. This is why I don't take guys home and meet some of my relative and no I'm not a virgin (yeah I know too much info. I said it to prove a point that I'm not innocent as I say I am)

Sound like she saying that he is not good enough for me because he was married and has kids.


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  • she's sayin that because your 23 like you said. I know nowadays that's not that uncommon to be in a relationship like urs. but, I mean you being 23 (im bout to be 25) there's no way I would date a woman with 3 kids. one is a stretch for me honestly. if your really in love then I guess that is the one thing that is the top decision maker in your relationship. I guess what I'm saying is that as an personal opinion, your too young to commit yourself to a person with 3 kids and all those responsibilities. what if you guys have a kid? are you gonna be 100% OK with him taking time out of his free days to spend time with those other kids while your at home with urs? I say you have at least another five years to commit to someone. but then I again, I don't know you and how you feel about your boyfriend so ultimately its up to you and no one else.


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  • Yeah I read your Update...your aunt is is presenting one viewpoint...but you a big girl and you need to make up your own you love this cat? or not? He has some baggage...does love transcend least for you and with regards to this situation? Pointing out facts were always acceptable to me...but further than that and I would tell my relatives to back off..on the other need to rush in..if you DO love him today...and long term commitment is right...then you will still think so in a few months...(:


  • I think your aunt has a point. I would listen to her, but that's just me.

    Then again, I'm one of those old people who doesn't understand.

    The only exception is if his ex-wife cheated on him (sexually) and even if he was a lousy husband to her was not the one that broke the marriage. If they got divorced because they "couldn't get along" or "fought all the time" or whatever, ditch him.


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