Was this the wrong thing to say?

I was talking with my friend during a video call, not actually speaking(Everyone else in bed) so instead we were typing to each other.

I do joke around with him a lot, and he showed me his right arm, pretending it was a bad thing to do over cam. And I said ''OOH, that'll help me later..heh heh'' He laughed and replied with ''Why not now?'' Me; ''I do not do such things on cam..Well, not THIS early''

Him;''Oh? How late are we going to be up until this happens?''

Me; ''No, no. I wasn't referring to the time of day. I haven't known you that long''

He didn't type, he kinda just looked at the screen. Expressionless. Then the call ended and he signed out. Was that a reaction to what I had said? Or maybe his internet just f***ed up on him, he did say it does that every now and again.


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  • I definitely think that was a reaction to what you said. Honestly if I were you I wouldn't bother with him so much as any of your other friends due to the fact that if you guys do like each other and do end up dating he'd be more into it for sex. :S (correct me if I'm wrong guys)


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