What is this guy after!?

So I ran into a guy from primary school about 3 months ago and we sort of hit it off. I was hearing from friends that apparently he was into me, and I thought he was pretty cute too so we started talking. We texted each other every day for over 2 months but couldn't actually hang out because I go to uni 5 hrs away and only come home for holidays and the occasional weekend. But we finally were able to catch up and then with a crap excuse the night before he told me he couldn't go. I havnt complained or even commented but since then he will stop texting me for days and then suddenly come back with some crazy excuse, and I don't want to be angry because his excuses might actually be real.

So I attract the kind of guys who are jut after sex and this guy scares and confuses me because he seemed so nice. I just don't get it because we flirt so much, he tells all his friends about me, etc. and then he makes no effort for us to actually meet up. So where do I go from here? I really like the guy and want a chance to get to know him better but I just can't work him out!


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  • It sounds to me like he is playing you for a fool. In my opinion I think you should tell him that he has one last chance, and if he doesn't come, then you are moving on. He can't keep doing this to you. There's got to be at least one time when he can meet up with you, so give him one chance.

    That's what I say.


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