Haven't things gone a bit crazy in terms of dating?

Two people start dating because

they'd like (potentially) to get into a relationship together.

And two people who are in a relationship

want to make each other happy, right?

I mean, the point is to PROTECT and SUPPORT

the person you LOVE.

If it is so then why does it seem that so many of us

approach the "other" with a degree of suspicion

and prefer to hide their feelings / emotions / intentions?

It seems to me that sometimes (not everyone, but many of us)

view dating as if it was a game or a power struggle.

As in: the detached one who plays hard to get,

and doesn't put his / her cards on the table is the winner.

Many seem to be unable or unwilling, or simply scared

to uncover themselves, to make a move, to take a stand,

which is actually NECESSARY for any relationship to function.

Do you personally see what I mean?

If so, doesn't it go against THE VERY CORE of romance?

Would love to hear your views! :-)


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  • I understand completely what you mean. personally if I won't get in a relationship unless I'm open to it and willing to put my heart in it. I feel any relationship that doesn't have that kind of emotional risk for both partners isn't worth my time.

    However for a lot of people it is hard to take the risk and then get hurt again because so many people, myself included, have been hurt in the past by this. Myself I believe that the rewards of a loving relationship are worth the risk of possibly getting screwed over. But not everyone is ready to take that risk.

    • Makes sense.

      Getting hurt is always a risk,

      but you can't dwell on the past,

      although sometimes it felt so harsh!

      Plus if we stopped falling in love we'd have no more families and the human race would soon come to an end! ;)

  • I think you make some assumptions about dating and why people enter relationships, which are not necessarily true.

    • May ask you what are some other reasons why people enter relationships?

    • Some people are terrified of being alone. Some are serial monogamists. Some hate the idea of one night stands, but want sex. How many reasons do you need?

    • Fair enough, but all these reasons seem to be the wrong reasons for entering a relationship. I mean if I'm with a person because I'm with a certain person because I don't want to be alone, or because I want sex, then this isn't worth being called a relationship. A relationship that's worthy of the name isn't about getting sex from the other person and it isn't about finding companionship. It includes all these facets, but it's not why I enter a relationship. At least that's what I think.

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