Is he confused or not interested?

2 years ago we met online. We talk online, on phone for hours almost every day. he isn't fond of texting, but replies me sometime. he cares,support,listen me. he says 'love u' every time we finish our conversation. but whenever we are about to meet in real,he canceled it. he saw my pics at his pc often and ask 4 more. he calls me pretty, sexy, cute etc, but 1. avoid to meet, 2. don't commit to relationship.

his ex vr desperate one-night type girls. I'm different.

is he confuse or playing with me? he knows I like him. he said himself that someday I will jump into river for him.

y he doesn't want to meet me. no he isn't ugly or married.


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  • Maybe it's a little daunting for him. Does he have a job or is he still a student? Might be a little harder for a student financially. Are you in the same country?

    Maybe you could ask him to come down close to where you are, or perhaps the other way around although I think people recommend you to meet somewhere public.

    If he continually arranges to meet and cancel that's a little unfair on you really, try make a point that you want to meet and for it to not get cancelled this time.

    • he got a managerial position and lives near to my house and office.

  • Maybe he really isn't ready for a relationship right now. Just a fling/hook up with you.

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