Things happened too fast and now I'm confused

Alright, so I'll try to make this as short as possible. There's this guy I met about 2 weeks ago. After 4 days we had met I invited him to a party and we ended up making out. 2 days after that we went out again and same thing happened. However, he's going abroad to work for 2 months and he says he doesn't want to be attached before he goes, but wants to date after he's back, and has told me he wants to "talk" to me once he's back because he really enjoyed hanging with me. I made the mistake of taking it really bad and sorta freaked out, because I wanted to keep hanging out and not date, and I couldn't understand why he didn't want to hang out and we decided the whole dating thing once he's back. We argued and things got a bit awkward. I apologized for my behavior, but now I feel like he's kinda distant and not interested. How can I regain his interest back? I want us to hang out just as friends and I want him to still want to be with me once he's back.


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  • It is really, really hard to spark the interest once it is lost. I would say you have a couple choices. 1)stop contact, ALL CONTACT, so he see how much he misses you and really likes having you with him...this is high risk, high reward. 2)make some kind of nice gesture to show him how much you care and you are truly invested in the relationship.


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