Girls, what would you consider a good online dating profile. PLEASE help :)

So I'm thinking of starting some online dating, the first section is a little synopsis of yourself. can't for the life of me figure out what to write, the main part I'm OK with because I'm not restricted with the amount I can write. What would you like to see? not like to see here? It should just be a small paragraph. THANKS girls :-)


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  • You should put in what you expect from a relationship, what kind you want (serious, sexual, be're perfect for a LOT of people, trust me. Don't be afraid to be blunt.), write about what you hope the girl you find is, how you usually act in relationships (quiet, talka lot, like touching, whatever) just tell about yourself in relationships. In any bio Id state religious preferences or other things that mean a lot to you.

  • "I like long walks on the beach"


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