Does he not have interest if he has not asked me to hang out?

I used to always start conversations with him on facebook. He never would, but in person he would start the conversations.

Now that we do not a class together, we never see eachother. We do not talk anymore.

Is the fact that he has not tried to be in contact with me an indication that he in fact does not have any interest in me even though it seemed like it?


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  • I can't count how many times I tried to talk to a girl, and got a look of disgust, and when I asked why, "she would comment on how she is constantly harassed by men hitting on her and all she wants is to be left alone.

    so I am 40 years old and still a virgin, and if a woman is interested at all in me, she is gonna have to ask me out, cause I won't harass her or be one of a hundred men who hit on her.

    some men are just shy, and will never approach a girl

    so it comes down to you, are you gonna break the chain and approach him and make the first move, or are you gonna keep doing what tons of other women do...wait for the world to come to them on a silver platter?

    I don't care if you ask a thousand women on the planet...shy nice guys find it exciting to have a woman make all the moves...but they never do, yet the same women who sit on their asses waiting instead of acting have the nerve to complain "there are no nice single men out there"

    • Im not waiting for the world to be handed to me on a silver platter---it was a step out of my comfort zone to initiate conversations on facebook.

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  • If he doesn't start conversations online, that's probably not ideal form of communication. Back off from him online otherwise you might scare him. I'm gonna take a guess and say from the looks of things, he's not interested. So, just back off.

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