Don't want to be alone, but I really enjoy being alone! What to do?

I would like to have a girlfriend but it's too much work because I like being solitary, so much to the point where I only hang out with friends every once in a while.

I've been around people my whole life and I don't really enjoy being around them anymore because while they may bring some fun, and laughter - they usually bring frustration, stress, judgement, guilt, etc. I enjoy coming home to myself and not having to talk, not having to worry about being judged, etc.

At the same time, I would really like to have that special person in my life that I can share everything that I am with. Two completely opposite emotions conflicting each other.

Does anyone else know what I'm saying?



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  • i know what that's like. I would go for an introverted girl who has the same social tendencies as you. just be careful though, relationships tend to bring even more stress and frustration then friends sometimes (at least from what I've seen).

    • It sucks, when I'm with people I can't wait to get home. When I'm home I wish were with people :P

    • aye that's the worst. what helped me was figuring out what kind of person I wanted to be before I started handing the social stuff, and now I'm more of a people person. just get to know yourself and what you want first, and things tend to fall into place when you do that. I don't think it's just a social issue here.

  • Yah, feel the same way, don't know how it'd work.. ha ha sigh


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