GUYS: Texting your female friend for hours mean anything?

My guy friend has been texting me a lot lately. Asking how my day was every two hours.We're just friends and he's into these other girls.

I just hope he's not into me, because I don't see him that way.



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  • When I had female friends I barely texted them, only when we were going to hangout or do something with someone else. So he's either really bored, likes talking to you or likes you. You need to gauge it in person its really hard to see if someone likes you over texts unless their totally obvious . When you're texting from time to time say things like thanks pal/bud/friend so he kinda gets the idea if he does like you.

    • Well when I told him of my crushes, he didn't react or mind so I'm guessing it's just a texting friend thing going on here. Because if it is more than that, I'm going to have to be straight up. Thanks for yur input.

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  • My bet is he probably does.

    • Hmmm not really sure

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    • Also one month ago, he asked me out. Yup you were right. lol

    • :):):):)

  • Ask him ? Friend !

    • Not ready yet, he hasn't given me any flirty texts or signs he likes me. It's just how long he texts me that worries me, but I guess he's probs bored or wants someone to talk to.

    • Could be indeed. Maybe he's testing the terrain ?

    • Possibly, well if he is into me, he hasn't shown anything so I'm happy at that.

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