What are some dating "red flags"?

What are some behaviors that should be seen as a "red flag" or "warning signs" in your partner?

(eg. if he has cheated on his ex in the past)


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  • 47. He comments too much on what or how much you eat.

    48. He never wants to go out. "Let's stay in."

    49. He has Playboy centerfolds hanging on the back of his bedroom door.

    50. He tells you how much money he makes.

    51. He tells you what he spent on his home.

    52. He tells you what he spent on his car.

    53. He tells you what he spends on hookers.

    54. He has a child(ren) that he "doesn't see that much."

    55. He lives at home and seems to be in no hurry to leave.

    56. He doesn't know how to do laundry, mop a floor, clean a tub, or make a simple dinner.

    57. He uses the phrase "women's work."

    58. He never invites you to his place. What's he hiding?

    59. He's generally negative; everything sucks.

    60. He likes the mirror too much; he's vain.

    61. He's a narcissist: everything is about him. What you said earlier about men, were you talking about him?

    62. He drives a fancy car but rents his home.

    63. He drops a lot of not-so-subtle brags on himself: "I hated to take a break from writing my memoirs and training for the decathlon, but when a good friend like Matt Damon asks you to help him build thatch huts for the poor and disenfranchised in Sri Lanka for a month, how do you say no?"

    64. He has more clothes than you.

    65. He refers to sex as "hitting it."

    66. His ex is still in the picture.

    67. He checks out other women when he's with you.

    68. He's vague about what he does for a living.

    69. He's not interested in physical activity beyond sex.

    70. He talks trash about everyone, even people he calls friends.

    71. He gossips too much.

    72. He says you remind him of his ex.

    73. He says you remind him of his sister.

    74. He says you remind him of his mom.

    75. He says you remind him of Mick Jagger.

    76. His friends are jerks.

    77. He's sensitive—too sensitive. Coffee commercials should not make anyone cry.

    78. His life is filled with endless drama.

    79. He has never been to the theater, symphony, ballet or opera. The Pink Floyd laser show does not count.

    you. You provoked him.

  • 1. He says, "Let's git 'er done."

    2. He's rude to the waitress.

    3. He's habitually late.

    4. He disparages his own family.

    5. He talks too much about money, politics or religion.

    6. He refers to his exes as bitches, whores, fat pigs, psychos, etc.

    7. The breakups were all their fault, not his.

    8. He can't drink without getting drunk.

    9. He wants lots of high-fives. "You like beer, too? High-five!"

    10. None of his relationships lasts longer than a couple of months.

    11. He's been married and divorced more than once.

    12. He's hiding something. "Only call me on this number."

    13. He doesn't hold the door, help you with your coat, walk you to the car, etc. No manners.

    14. He takes phone calls during your date.

    15. He refuses even to try sushi.

    16. He expects you to split the check on the first date.

    17. He's "not really into books."

    18. He's never traveled beyond his home state.

    19. He talks about his mother all night.

    20. He talks about his ex-wife all night.

    21. He talks about his religion—and only his religion—all night

    22. He tells you why he's going to the restroom. "I gotta drain the weasel!"

    23. He refers to things he doesn't like as "gay."

    24. He routinely uses words like "f**," "queer," or "dyke" to describe a gay person.

    25. He uses racial slurs or tells racist jokes.

    26. He has bad hygiene.

    27. He's too primped: manicure, eyebrows waxed, hair bleached, etc.

    28. He has no sense of humor.

    29. He hates kids and animals.

    30. He has no hobbies. Watching football doesn't count.

    31. He wears jeggings.

    32. He one-ups you a lot.

    33. He knows everything and won't let you forget it.

    34. He talks about himself all the time and asks few questions about you.

    35. He isn't open to points of view that differ from his.

    36. He frequently answers, "It's complicated" in reply to a question from you.

    37. He won't see a "chick flick."

    38. He starts lobbying for sex on the first date.

    39. He asks to borrow money.

    40. He won't make a move even when it's time to make a move.

    41. You've dated for several months and haven't met any of his friends, family or co-workers.

    42. You catch him in a lie.

    43. He sometimes won't answer your phone calls or return your texts.

    44. He criticizes you early on.

    45. You have to initiate every date.

    46. He calls you his girlfriend by your second date.


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