Cute face/overweight or ugly face/skinny? Which one would you go for?

If you had to pick between the two, which one would you go for? The skinny girl with an ugly face or the overweight girl with a pretty face?

  • Ugly face/skinny girl
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  • Pretty face/overweight girl
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  • If I had to pick.. cute face and overweight. I can help an overweight girl diet down but I can't pretty up an ugly face.

    • That's cheating basically.

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    • To know what was more important to a person, face or body, and why.


    • I think you might be the only person who got this question. This is just a for fun, in this case kind of question. Totally not the real world haha. I just wanted to ask something that would make people think. I had no idea this question would raise so many more questions haha. It's seriously just a question. It's like a psych experiment in a controlled environment. You just pick, it's not to offend anyone haha. my goodness... people have gotten so riled up haha.

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What Guys Said 6

  • You make it seem like we have no choice but to pick the cute face overweight girl or we would look very mean shallow.

    If you said, What if both girls had both very attractive faces but one body was overweight and the other one was slim, then it would be fair.

    • huh I guess I figured that would be too obvious of an answer ha ha I wanted to pick something difficult. How would that be fair though? Wouldn't everyone go for the slim one?

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    • could be attraction, her fashion, the way she carries herself,etc.

    • huh yeah. crazy.

  • Fit body

  • A skinny girl can do a lot more than a fatso and also a skinny is more healthy bcoz overweight is not healthy.

    Skinny for me bcoz I'm slim myself .

    Anyway some makeup and a proper hairstyle along with white teeth can make her appealing.

  • Definitely, 100%, face over figure. And I'm pretty picky if it comes to figure.

  • cute face/overweight be far.. the face is the first thing I notice.

  • I'm not going to be able to have a serious (marriage potential) relationship with either. For an unattached encounter it depends on how ugly the ugly face is and how overweight the overweight girl is. If either is too bad then my answer would also be neither, but within limits I could get with both and I have had uncommitted dating experiences with both types. But I would be more favorable to the skinny girl as there are positions where she faces away from you.

    • Lol wow that was a very specific answer. Thanks!

What Girls Said 1

  • its so obvious that you are overweight and are bashing the skinny girls just to make yourself feel better. get a life please

    • yeah... actually it's the opposite. way to be a judgmental bitch.

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    • Well, you did give the girl the ugly face while you gave the overweight girl the nice face.

      If they both had a nice face you know which men would choose so you chose the route of having one ugly and the good looking bcoz it would have hurt your feelings otherwise.

      I'm not direspecting you, this is just my thought.

    • I just wanted to make it a hard question haha. It's like a would you rather question. I mean, if I said would you rather date a pretty overweight girl or a pretty slim girl... the answer would be obvious. what a boring question haha. this is just a for fun question. I was hoping it would be a challenging choice lol.