How to proceed with this next date?

I met this guy online and he quickly set up a first date. I had a great time with him and he said that he would love to meet up again. I contacted him and we agreed on a time and place for our second date. He canceled two days ahead of time, claiming issues at work that required him to go out of town. I never heard from him for two weeks. So I decided to contact him just to say hello. He was out of town again for work and set up another date for last night. We had the most amazing date. He cooked dinner for me and we talked for almost six hours and enjoyed a bottle of wine. We talked and did a lot of kissing. He asked me to stay over and I did. We did not have sex because I told him that I want to save something for next time. He respected that and we cuddled the whole night. He said and I quote that he “has never had such amazing conversation and chemistry with anyone.” I got up this morning because I needed to go home and check on my dog. He kissed me goodbye. I feel so comfortable with him and I want to continue to see where this leads. He travels a lot for work and I do not want to wait too long to see him again. Should I contact him or wait for him to contact me? Should I wait and follow his lead? Any suggestions?


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  • wait about a week, see if he contacts you. if he does not, try sending a casual text just to see how he is doing and take it from there.

    good luck.