I think I'm falling for my best friend, but I also have a fiancé.

Ever since I've moved on base my fiancé and I haven't really been talking as much , between work, and the time difference (east coast vs west)we only get to text each other once in a while through out the day. It seems like she's starting to like this girl ( my fiances bi) , I really didn't mind it so much at first but were starting to grow further apart,and she starting to show less and less effort to try and talk. Since we don't talk as much ,my best friend ,who lives on the east coast ( same time zone as me) , well we've been talking more lately started getting closer. Mind you I used to crush on Her from grade school until middle school. I finally stopped liking her and we became best friends right after she moved away to the east coast in high school. We call each other at least once a week , we text between my drills and her class work. I think that I'm starting to fall for her but I'm not too sure if she feels the same. She's never had a boyfriend, and she just doesn't talk about liking guys or dating or any of that. Last night she called me pretty late and we ended up on the topic of dating , we were both pretty tired so we just started blabbering and the next thing I know I asked her if she would ever date me, she said that we probably would of dated if she didn't move. I'm not sure what to make out of all of this and I need major help.


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  • This is that time in your relationship when things are getting hard. This is when most people scrap the relationship and say "Better luck next time." This is the time when you have to decide if you love this woman, and if you do, you have to put in effort to talk out your differences and bridge the gap that's forming between you two.

    After that, you decide if your girlfriend is worth the effort, or if you think there's no chance of falling in love again or getting back to the intimate place you were. If not, maybe you should dump her and see how things work with your friend, or with a new girl.


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