How often should us guys contact you?

More often than not if we contacted you every time we thought about you, your phone might explode haha. But realistically how often do you expect a text or a call from someone your just dating? I have laid low a bit, at first I texted every couple days. Now I only call to setup dates.

Another thing, if you already have a date setup and she stated we should "plan" what you want to do next, is that a good sign? She openly said we should have lunch and plan what we want to do next "I am sure we will talk before than". what's her IL (interest level).

Is she saying she wants me to contact her more? (read above first)


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What Girls Said 1

  • It's subjective text or call when it's necessary or you feel like it, there are no right or wrong. Answers to this.

    • Yeah you've got a point. How often would you like a guy to contact you, what is your opinion?

    • Well if you're getting on really well texting everyday can be nice just to catch up. Or if you both like space and distant every couple of days should be enough. Constant texts/calls can be annoying so based on knowing her take it from there tbh :)

What Guys Said 1

  • Every 2 or 3 days. If she's the distant type.