GUYS: should I text him again or..?

For the past 3 months me and my crush have been talking on and off. He inboxed me 3 months ago and we talked for a while and that was it. Then a month later I decided to inbox him and we chatted for a while. Then he inboxed me a bit on and off after that. Then he asked for my number and we texted for one day non stop and the next day a bit. Then I texted him and he seemed interested because he was asking questions trying to keep the conversation going. We haven't texted or inboxed since, I'm wondering should I inbox or text him again. I go to school with him and we had 2 classes together last semester and this semester we don't have any classes. So when I see him in the halls we just stare at each other. Also we haven't really talked in person. So should I text him or would it be to much?


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  • skip texting... just go talk to him in the hall and ask him if he wants to go do something some weekend...


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