Would this be considered slutty?


Two guys are both friends( Guy A and Guy B), or at least hang out like friends - Guy A has a thing for me, we've kissed before but under intoxicated circumstances and I'd rather be friends. Both of them are attractive, but I'm especially attracted to Guy B because he has more of what I physically like.

Guy A is more outgoing

Guy B seems a bit more shy

Both have good personalities - only thing is Guy A likes to drink and gets stupid when he drinks. He's not the most grounded guy and we butt heads due to our stubborn natures.

I realized the darkside of Guy A a week ago and that turned me way off in pursuing anything with him. Problem is, Guy A has a huge crush on me and I don't want to hurt him ( he's more emotional guy,) by pursuing Guy B potentially.

All I'm asking is what would you do if faced with this situation ( guys can change Guy A and Guy B into Girl A and Girl B,)

and would it be considered slutty if I pursue Guy B who's friends with Guy A?

I'm hella conflicted and don't know what to do.

Oh Guy A and I never had sex; there was touching but no sex


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  • lol I was waiting to read the slutty part. If you had a threesome with the two of them, maybe...

    Anyway, if you prefer guy B, go with him, but be sure that's who you want. You shouldn't keep flip flopping after you made it clear to one of them. Since guy A has done more stuff with you and is more emotional, I don't know how their friendship will go. It's supposed to be "bros before hos" (no offense) and they're not supposed to have girl break up a friendship, but who knows how it will go? Hopefully, they won't let it if one of them bites.

    • yea I definitely don't want to cause conflict between them. Guy A I'm sure is going to hate me if I do so, simply because he likes me so much. But I've already told him we could NEVER function as boyfriend and girlfriend due to the petty arguments we get into as friends. He swears up and down that I can't say that because I don't really know - but if I see fire, I don't have to run into it to know it's going to burn right?

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    • It may not be so bad then.

      It was patch that was supposed to fix some problems, but it's causing this one apparently. Maybe it wasn't mandatory? I don't remember.

      Pish posh! There's a reason why we make them live in the Gray Quarter. :D

    • Yea, hope that gets fixed for ya :D

      Lol I just got into skyrim so I don't know much about the history or other details of the storylines told in oblivion and the other games before it : \ all I know is the nords rule skyrim, and are fighting with the elfs over control and ways of life and such :P Oh and somethign about the Dark Elfs being " wronged," in some way?

      I like em because they are talented with magic and fighting. My character Rune uses two swords and disentegrates people lol :P

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  • Friends and relationships never mix, you could potentially be ruining their friendship unwillingly. You may walk away unscathed, but that's if you don't mind burning bridges.

    • True this. I'm better off just leaving them both alone and waiting for Guy A's crush to simmer down. I honestly want to find him another chick to get with. He broke up with his girlfriend days ago, and it was after he confessed this deep attraction for me :\

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    • True that. I'll definitely keep my distance. Ugh it sucks being in these situations lol. I wish life could just throw an ideal circumstance in for once lol

    • Ain't that the truth.

  • Wait a long while, then see how you feel about both guys. If you go after B, he may say no thanks, then tell A, who may get mad at you both. See, lose-lose situation. Or, you could talk it out with A, which I don't think is a good idea from what you said. It's not worth the trouble that you will cause.

    • great idea. I told Guy A who was trying to kiss me again moments ago - that I'm conflicted and don't want to go there until I have my head clear. He was a bit drunk so he got moody which made me leave. Skyrim is more comforting at the moment lol :P

    • Yeah, you don't want to be his go to girl when he's drunk either.

    • I know. He is still pretty flirty when he's sober, but he just has some personal issues. I said it would be so much better if he just focused on himself for a while instead of girlfriends. But he says he's " co dependent," and can't be alone for long. I don't want to hurt him, but I don't want to go there until he gets his sh*t together.

  • I would go for Girl B I would feel mean dating someone I wasn't really interested in I think that would hurt them more in the long run.

  • No reason to think that it would be slutty. If the A guy drinks too much then just go to the B guy

    • Yea, I always thought it was a bit trashy to go flirting with multiple guys in the friend group - like flirting with one guy at first then his friend? Seems trampey to me lol

    • Nah it is good that you are getting to know guys before you make your choice

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  • not slutty but how do you know if B even likes you? it will probably cause a lot of drama either way

    • Oh I didn't mention - I'm not 100% but the past couple of days we've hung out, he's just been showing signs, the same signs guy A gave me to give the hint that he was into me a bit. Idk, I don't want to go jumping to conclusions so boldly. But I do like guy B and if he likes me back, I don't know if I can turn him down

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