Why do I feel guilty?

So there are two guys. The first one I met almost three years ago and we almost dated until I fell asleep on another guy, he started dating someone else and it got really awkward between us. I never knew why we stopped talking, so I'm still really confused about it. Plus, I'm really sad about it because I was kind of his protégée (he's two years older than me) and he was the only person that could make me feel better even when I wasn't sad. We haven't talked for almost two years now.

The second guy I met about a month ago. We flirted a lot on a trip and I got his phone number and we texted a bit. Now, it's really awkward when we see each other and I'm really confused about that. Anyway, I keep making plans of ways to go talk to him, and I'll have like, daydreams or whatever about how things work out.

Anyway, I have this one daydream where the second guy and me finally get together at this one dance thing and we kiss goodnight at the end and right after he leaves I hear someone say my name behind me and it's the first guy. And in the daydream, I go with the first guy.

I guess what I'm saying is that I feel kind of guilty about liking the second guy because I almost feel like I'm cheating on the first one. Is this normal? Why do I feel this way?


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  • There's an alternative start and end to the daydream.

    You've met "Mr. Right" and no one else matters.

    It does happen!

  • I suggest you stop daydreaming and act. If you like the first guy then why don't you contact him? Do it. You need resolve one way or another; if he likes you then go out with him and if he's moved on and rejects you then you'll be able to move on also. Maybe then you can date someone else without feeling this way.


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