What are some good ways to flirt with a girl through text?

I like this girl and we text pretty often but I'd like to be a little more flirty through text. I'm interested in her and I'm not sure if she's into me or not. So what would be some good ways for me to text her and flirt with her without being weird or creepy?


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  • I'd say actually communicate with her with your mouth. But..

    If you guys text often you should know by know if she likes you.

    But her are some things to notice if a chick digs ya

    -She texts you first

    -Asks (What are you doing, how are you, etc.) to just keep the conversation going.

    Pretty much it. You should know just by those to things.

    Be creative on the flirty part, flirts can't really be given out, if its not you flirting then you can't KEEP flirting, Know what I mean? You can't use one flirt for a long time. You have to just be creative.


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  • Just say plain and simple "I like you, do you like me?"


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  • Don't text. It's lame.

    Phone by VOICE.

    Or better yet, go there in person.

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