Guys what are some reasons...?

you stop texting and calling your gf?

my boyfriend of 8 months is acting weird, saying he's always busy, doesn't really text me at work anymore, doesn;t call anymore, and I just feel like he doesn't care anymore.

he still says I love miss and want you but I think he's just playing games idk

what could be the problem, why would you stop texting your gf


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  • Well, either he's getting complacent, or he's upset with you somehow, or perhaps he's actually telling the truth. Seriously though, I say talk to him. If this really bothers you, then sit him down, let him know how serious you are, and talk it out with him so you know what's going on. If you can't trust him, and you can't even communicate about something this simple, maybe your relationship is in worse trouble than you thought, and it should end.


What Girls Said 1

  • My ex began acting like this right before the cheating started and he dumped me. Beware.

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