Am I pushing too much inviting him to hang out?

There's a guy I've been hooking up with on and off for almost 5 months. We stopped talking for about a month and recently started seeing each other again. I invited him to my birthday BBQ on Friday and he came, and I was planning on inviting him to my friend's house later this week because we're having a game night. I like hanging out with him and a couple of his guy friends will be there too so it's not completely awkward, but I don't want to push anything. We're at a good spot right now and I don't want him to feel smothered. Is it OK to invite him out again? We have fun when we're together, we don't just fool around, and I wouldn't talk to him or see him until that day.


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  • Its perfectly normal to invite him

    He can always say no if he's busy, plus if he has feelings for you he would be happie that you are into him as well and it would help you earn positive points in the relation


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