My relationship just hit the 3 month mark. Any suggestions for going forward?

I've been dating my girlfriend for 3 months now and things are going well. We like each other, and both of our friends like each other. Any suggestions from you guys to keep this thing going at least another 3 months? I've never dated anyone this long before so it has been new territory from the get go


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  • Without knowing either of you or the details of your relationship, generally speaking you should let the relationship grow naturally isntead of trying to force it. That said, it is important to put some pressure on the "boundary," to prevent the relationship experience from stagnating. Let the dating experience slowly expand to fill an afternon and evening, a day, a weekend, a short vacation. Don't resist the urge to step up the relationship that way. If you WANT to do it, then do it. But don't push either. Don't do something because you feel like you SHOULD do it even though you're not comfortable with it.

    As for more specific advice ,if she hasn't really met your family yet and you are comfortable putting them together, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are nice casual outdoor holidays for many families in the US that lend themselves to giving your partner a chance to bond with your family and vice versa without actually sending the message that you're bringing her INTO the family.


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  • just be honest, respectful & expect the same in return, be open to discussion, & try not to project too much. if you are confused ask questions. if she's confused try to answer questions.

    just continue being who you r. don't play games.

    for ex. this Q. its very vague & general. but its for a very partciluar specific relationship.

    we don't know anything about the two of u. all we can say is be honest & respectful. ull have to listen to your girlfriend, & shell have to listen, to u. to know what to 'do', to keep it going.

    what works for some doesn't work for others.

    but respect is always an essential starting point, imo.

    • Right now things are going well between the two of us. Communication has been a strength instead of a weakness up to this point for us. So its not on bad ground or anything, but I know as well as anyone that things can change in a heartbeat so I am looking for advice to help prevent anything that could break us apart

  • as long as you feel like your falling IN love, never give up on that for someone cool, chemistry is everything, and communication.


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  • Give in. I know people say it being whipped but never be the one to continue an argument. its better to just say she's right, and of course be faithful and be the first to apologize don't let your ego get in the way

    • if you apologize for something, without even knowing what the problem is, your relationship is not a relationship. why would you even do that.

      a rational partner doesn't argue just to be right. & saying you're sorry any time there's an actual problem is very disrespectful. & it doesn't solve anything.

      why not just communicate & discuss stuff that bothers u-respectfully.

      if your partner argues over nothing, OR you apologize for no reason, that's not a relationship, its just a space to get sex.

    • That's not true I'm talking about when you think you deserve an apology and she thinks she does. Be the first to apologize and shell usually follow with one right after. Obviously if you don't know what the problem is you should first find out. And everyone always thinks they're being rational. You'll see soon enough