Why does my friend no longer answer my texts?

My friend has been in a relationship for some six years. He's picking out an engagement ring for his girlfriend and wants to marry her next year. They are a Disney story-book romance and it's absolutely amazing.

Now, I can be flirty and I know that, but we're close friends and he has this girlfriend, so I don't really watch myself around him. I know he won't take my flirting out of context. He can also be quite flirty, and even make me uncomfortable at times.

Now, given that background information, I've noticed that the last few times I've texted him things - a few times were just funny little notations, and once actual information - he hasn't responded. Ever. We still see each other at least twice a week and we're fine and normally affectionate when we see each other, so I'm unsure why he isn't answering my texts. It seems unnaturally rude and thoughtless of him.


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  • Well, we have an engagement ring for a hopeful wedding within the next year, which means a large amount of planning. Occam's razor would suggest he's just really busy.

    • Maybe. It's just oddly rude of him. But yes, I know he's a very busy guy.

What Girls Said 1

  • He's decided he's serious about his girlfriend and no longer find his relationship with you appropriate it seems. You admit yourself that you both can inappropriately flirty with each other, so he's cutting contact out of respect for his future wife.

    • Yeah, I don't think that's it. We're not necessarily inappropriate. We're just honest, open, and fun. He's always been serious about his girlfriend. We talk about her often; we both adore her.

    • "He can also be quite flirty, and even make me uncomfortable at times." I doubt that a girlfriend, soon-to-be fiance would be OK with this. So he either decided it was too much and stopped, or she asked him to. Either way, I'm sure his respect for his girlfriend is taking precedence here.

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