Which one do I go with?

I've liked this guy for a long time (5years) and we talk a lot but we always end up in fights. He knows I still have feelings for him still today but, now I have an issue. He had a girlfriend and then he dumped her and started hitting on me. We flirted for a while but then we stopped talking. He got a new girlfriend and I got a boyfriend figuring we'd just be friends until...he broke up with for me. I don't know if I should go for him or stay with my boyfriend of 7 months. Opinions?


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  • Uh, kinda a no-brainer. Stay with your boyfriend. Seriously, ask yourself; how cunty would it be if you were with a guy you liked and he dumped you for a cunt who made him miserable half the time? Sure you have a crush on the guy, but he's a dickhead. He's just gonna treat you like shit and you know it. Then it will go to hell, and you'd have ruined a good relationship for nothing.

    Yes, granted this is your decision, but I think this is a stupid question, given the choice.

    Wake up. Use your head.

  • That's not a question you should ask us. Your the only one that knows. First are you happy with your boyfriend now if yes stay dnt screw things up bec of something that has proven to not work, if you don't like your current boyfriend than why are you still with him.


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