Guys, If a girl did this to you?

Made eye contact with you and smiled throughout the week, then went up to you and said:

Hey you.

Hi, my name is Anna, what's yours?

It's nice to meet you, ___.

So what grade are you in?

Well --- You seem like a cool person --- I don't want to be late for class, but we should talk again sometime

Here's my number. *hands a piece of paper over that says 'You're cute! Anna: 111-1111*

Bye, ___!

What would you do?

Freak out? Text her? Be confused? Flattered?


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  • Great. I think it would work quite nicely. If some girl did that to me when I was in high school I think my head would spin. I'd be really surprised and stunend, but still answer her questions, and after she went away, I'd probably take a minute to absorb it all. Once I had, I'd feel really good about it. Extremely flattered. I mean look at you. You're really cute.

    Look, you got nothing to be worried about. Most cases, people aren't that cruel. You have no reason to be nervous. Just proceed with the plan, maybe throw in a little more conversation if you can. Whatever feels natural. But yeah, good plan.

    Good luck.

    Not that you need it.


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  • Even if I didn't like the girl, I'd be flattered, but likely, it would great. And if it happened to me whan I was still in HS, it would have been amazing... LOL.

    • How would you respond/What would you do if it happened to you?

    • If I wasn't interested and I knew it up-front, I'd basically say "I'm flattered, but I'm not available; thanks!" If I was interested, I'd probably text her back and say "thanks for introducing yourself. When are you free to talk; I'd like to call you and chat?"

  • i'd be flattered and maybe text her..

    depends how I feel about her.

    the number part might feel a bit rushed I think.

    • How should I tweak it so it doesn't seem rushed?

      And I don't know how he feels about me, he just looks at me in the halls, we don't know each other just play eye-tag

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    • What if I smiled at him when I saw him? I mean if he smiles back he must be a little interested?

    • that's a possibility yes, the best you can do is to try, or it'll never

      be anything more than "eye-tag". if he smiled back and it seemed

      genuine, I think you should go for it.

  • She looked like YOU id be blown away lol


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  • Do it! You've got this well thought out for sure haha