How to tell difference between a guy wanting to date versus sleep?

with a girl. As in, how long will he try? What things will he say and do, etc. How about age gap?


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  • the best way is sort out the players and the good ones, is set standards, morals, values for yourself in the relationship. and you will soon find out what sort of bloke he is like. if he keeps insisting we should have sex, not really serious about anything else. I think he is a player.

    having those guidelines for yourself is what you can your filter, filtering out the crap and keeping the good ones. and the bad one will leave straight away, cause they can't get what they want from you.

    • What if the relationship hasn't reached that far, and he doesn't talk about it because its still stage one, are you able to tell the difference?

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    • through talking to someone you can sus them out. you test their boundaries of that person. to get an idea of what they are like. its society that's pressure on you to have sex quickly, what happened to me and the way feel when I should have sex? stuff the other person. if they nice guy/girls and really want to give it ago,and they will wait. I thought that how you will know you have met the right person. the right person respects you, and doesn't just think about himself or her.

    • all I can say you must make that decision. it very hard to know what to do with sleeping with someone. you must make that judgement, its either going to be a good one or bad. if its bad, if you have forget about and move one. and learn what I can do better next time to prevent getting hurt next time.

  • There is no sure fire way to pick out the player from the crowd. Anything that could be said or done to make it appear that he is legit will be mimicked by the player.

    • what if the relationship hanst reached that far, and he hasn't talked or pushed to do it since its still stage one, are you able to tell the difference?

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