How do you keep romance up while starting to date a close friend?

We're extremely close friends, and there's a lot of physical attraction, but the publicly romantic part is new. There'd always been a lot of long looks and closeness between us beforehand, but it feels slightly more awkward in public.

As is things are going as well as can be expected for two very busy people. We see each other as often as we can, kiss often/hold hands in public, and there are rarely lulls in conversation when we are together in person. We can't go to expensive places cause frankly neither of us can really afford them. So I try to make up for it in other ways. I've recorded songs and emailed them to her, visited her at one of her softball games, she brought me study snacks a few nights ago...

Thing is though we're both a little unsure of the boundaries of this I think. It's part of the reason we've held off on sex thus far(even though we both want it) because a whole lot already changed when we agreed to date exclusively. She's really worried of hurting me and losing me as a friend, so saying things like 'I care for you' puts her a little on edge. She likes me but she knows she likely isn't as attached as me. Yet at the same time she will tell me she missed me or 'really appreciates' something I did for her as she kisses me.

I'm fully aware I'm the more attached one... but I want to make sure this keeps on evening out like it seems to be. She'd never had a boyfriend before me and had been terrified of relationships, so even making it this far astounds me. Would flowers be too big a step too soon?


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  • I feel like flowers would be a lovely thing to get her. I think you are going on the right track to "evening it out"


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