I think she does not like me anymore? And I'm In Love With Her.

Basically I have been having a thing with this girl for a couples of months now, and I really Love her, no doubt. We started out with a good start, we met at a Football Game, she came to see me play and her sister introduced me to her. We started talking for a couple of days, and from days in turned into weeks and after a while I fell in Love with her, and she started to come see me play, we texted each other every single night, even had a couple nights were I would call her and we would stay up later than midnight just talking. Three weeks after we had met, we spent a whole day together, no kissing, no making out, no dirty talk. Just had a wonderful day talking and cuddling, just talking about one another and enjoying the day together and it felt like we had been going out for a while. Then the Holidays came along and I bought her expensive shoes as a surprise, she absolutely flipped and loved the shoes and from talks that I had with her and a couple of her friends this was the first time anyone had done this for her and in fact this was the first that she had spent time a with another guy in such a long time. Especially because her EX Boyfriend cheated on her. And I thought she was happy with everything I had done so far. And I knew I was in love with her, and I told her that in person and made it clear to her. And then after this it went all down hill here from here. She Ignored my calls, my messages and my messages on Facebook. And after 2 weeks she told me that things were going to fast and that she needed her space. I thought it was dumb due to the fact that we weren't going out and we didn't see each other that much due to Christmas Break. And after I forgot about the whole situation and wanted to be with her. Valentine's Day came along and I bought her a stuffed animal, a couple of roses and a big Cookie shaped into a Heart with her name on it. We had a good time she baked me cup cakes and we had a great day. But soon enough the good times would become the worst of days. We fought over simple little things, she would some times ignore me and told me off a couple times in front of her friends. And once we were done fighting I told her if she would actually wanted to get serious, and she said yes and I thought things would change but thought too soon And things have been totally different, were not currently talking because a couple of her friends that don't know told her I was an a**hole, and a complete jerk. And she believes it. And now she says things are different, that she doesn't seem me the same way, and that feelings changed when clearly she still has a sweater of mine that I let her borrow, she still has me as a friend on Facebook and her best friend and sister say that she is just mad and she will get over it. But I don't KNOW WHAT TO DO. AND don't KNOW IF SHE STILL FEELS THE SAME. ADVICE.? PLEASE

Help please.! Any advice.? This means a lot to me.


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  • She is taking out all of her past hurt and anger on you. You are dealing with a girl who is emotionally damaged and has been hurt in the past. Proceed at your own risk and your own risk of sanity. She should not have led you on but now you know what you're dealing with

    • But do you think there is something specific that I should do.?

    • Yeah, you can ignore her because if you keep running after her she won't care

      At least that's what I think

      But you should make up your own mind.

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