So I want to hang out with him, but I am worried it would be weird, help please?

So up and coming is my 17th birthday and I want to invite one of my friends to Dave n' Busters.

The friend I have in mind though I am worried that it would be weird. He is my ex as of about a month and a half ago, but we are good friends now, though I do still have some feelings for him. Since the breakup we have made out twice, once right after the break up, and the second about 2 weeks ago. Each time it became slightly awkward between us for a day or so, but then back to being friends like before.

Now, I have no intention of making hanging out at Dave n' Busters a date or a place to hook up or anything, but I am worried that it might come off as a date if I ask him. I just want to hang with him because it sounds like a lot of fun. Would it be weird if I ask him if he wants to come to Dave n' Busters?


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  • I just have to point out.. I <3 DAVE N' BUSTERS! Its actually like the best place ever :P

    When you ask him, just specify it as going as friends. Be like "hey, do you wana go to dave n' busters? "and then if you want to, just be like "as friends, though." but if not that's fine too because you both will probably be too entertained by all the games there to even think about hooking up