If a guy pulls away should the girl also pull away?

Guy seems to be pulling away after talking for 3 months. The first two he texted all day every day, now he hasn't talked to me in a week. Yet, when we do text, he tells me he misses me and says he's excited to see me (for the summer, I go to school a few hours away). He started pulling away after we hung out, watched movies and made out a few times. He told me he really likes me. Then he acted distant yet kept telling me how he missed me weeks later.

I've heard guy's often pull away when they get close to a girl or aren't sure about the relationship. Is this what this guy is doing? How do I tell if he is just pulling away or if he is not interested anymore? If he is pulling away for a bit should I still text him, just not as much or just leave him alone for a few weeks?


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  • Pull out.. that would make the guy insecure.. and he'll come back to you

  • It's not so much that she should pull away, but she shouldn't worry or fret about it. Men pull away from time to time, because they need to feel some independence and isolation. It happens more or less regularly. It's not always because we're not sure about the relationship. It is something that fulfils a primal need in us.

    Leave him alone while he's pulled back. Enjoy the time to yourself, spend more time with friends, or indulging in your hobbies. He'll snap back shortly, and when he does he'll be just as eager as he was in the past.

    • So should I not text or call him at all? I'm just wondering if he'll just pull away then never come back. Would it be bad to text him once after a week or two?

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