Am I not smiling enough or something?

I have a high pay and exciting job.

I have a nice luxury car.

I am fit.

i am not ugly.

I have fashion sense.

I am certainly not a douche bag and I am grounded.

What is wrong? Is it because I am not smiling hard enough? I mean I get along with pretty much everybody and I am not a picky nor bossy.

Do people think I am empty... somehow...

i feel as though people have their guard against me and it makes me feel like I am mean and unapproachable character... but I am not like that at all. so that's why I feel like I am not easy to approach or easy to be accepted.

i always feel as though my smile is not sincere?


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  • Why are you asking? What has anyone done to make you think that people think you're empty?

    What has this got to do with smiling? I don't get this question.


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  • ahhh the unapproachable thing. That is because your "Confident and intimidating"

    At last that's what I've been told. You're just going to have to find a confident woman at your level. You can try working on your smile, but in my experience people that are going to feel gaurded will. It hasn't made an impact for me, but you can try. if it does work, let me know

  • It doesn't sound like this is a smiling issue. It seems like your coming off as more of a friend to people. If you try connecting on a slightly deeper level you have more sucesses. Ask lots of questions about the person your interested in (but don't interigate) relate to them. Talk about what you like

    Examples :



    How you became interested in the job you have


    The other things you do in your life that can't be seen from a picture and on a job description.


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  • sounds like you need a change of pace..

    try doing something you haven't done

    in a while/before, or travel somewhere with some

    friends/ lover

  • It's because you are grounded