Met a girl online, when to meet in person?

Okay I met someone online. She lives only 15minutes away from me. I chatted with her online for a day and we hit it off. Laughed, learned where each other worked. Lived. Names. Ect. She gave me a wink and said she only lives ... Away, just sayin.

Todayi said to her I wouldn't mind meeting in person sometime and she told me that the place is dead where she works after 7, we could bs and stuff there as she's the only one around.

Do I take a chance and go meet her at the *abc* store where she's the only clerk to close. Or do I wait? We only talked for a couple of hours.

I want to get the awkward meeting each other over with but I also don't want to rush and act fast. She did tell me I made her night.. So I'm confused. What do you all think?

Thanks everyone for your advice, I'm going It is at her job, public place safe enough. It's also a good way to gauge who we are without making it an official date.

If we can't even talk or get along just hanging out for 20minutes then we sure shouldn't be going on dates.

I'm going to meet her around 7-8 she said that it gets dead after 7. I'm going to wait a while. Let her wait before I pop my head in the door. Be Classy about it.
I met her. Not the girl for me. We can be friends, but that's as far as it will go. She has a lack of ambition, I don't see a spark in her that I want to see in someone in their 20s. No Drive to achieve much of anything.

I was very willing to overlook some weight or looks in anyone, lackadaisical attitude and the yea... *sigh*. I don't like that.

I need someone even if they don't know what yet, has a plan in life. Something that gets them out of bed other than a bad job. She did not.


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  • I wish the person I want to talk to in person only lived 15 minutes away from me. If she responded so positively, I'd go for it. The worst that could happen is that you don't click that much in person. No point in wasting time if she's already implied that she likes you and if you like her.

    • Yea, but it's only been one day. I'm confused but hopeful. Any GI e I've rushed in I've been hurt though... So lol.

    • That's why you don't rush into it. You can still slowly get to know her and just talk to her in person without going overboard. But I get what you're saying. Maybe talk a few more times before you meet her. But in any case, I think you should eventually if she's so close and you get along well enough.

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  • Everyone is different, but for me, I wouldn't want a guy I liked coming to my work when we first started talking. But, then again, I am shy. :)

    • Well that's why I'm confused, I really didn't think I would want to either, but she suggested it. She starts her shift when I end mine. We don't work in the same place. So I think she gave it as an option,

    • reading your update..sorry you don't click. Maybe next time :)

  • You haven't even known her for a week lol, slow down. Meet somewhere public

    • Don't get much more public than a snack shack

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    • Maybe if you weren't such a rude a**hole, you wouldn't me looking to the internet to meet women in the first place?

    • You're pretty much just talking for yourself. No don't cover it up as some defense on someone else's behalf. You've tried hard to call me out as if I did something wrong. Guess what I didn't, but you can call me names uphill and downhill. But here's the difference, when I wake up in the morning I can still look at myself in the mirror. I don't go out calling people names, I tell them how it is.

      I'm not going to let you chat online at me calling me names and have a pissing match. buh bye.

  • lol at least yoiu tried. I've been there before, gotten my hopes up talking to someone online only to meet them and npt have them be what I expected them to be.

  • go meet her at her work, she suggested it so she's obviously keen to meet you :)

    good luck

  • Normally I think you should get to know each other better either via phone, email or text for at least a few more days, but she seems like she initiated you to meet her and she sounds eager to meet you. As long as you're comfortable with it Id go for it.


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  • If she said she doesn't mind meeting u...then jump on that opportunity and go see her. :)

    Trust ME...there's WAY too many ways a girl can avoid saying "yes" to meeting u. The fact that she said that she WANTS to, is your cue to go ahead and go to that store where she works.

    To be frank, if you DONT go over there...she'll think that you don't like HER...which is not true. Please don't plant seeds of insecurity in her head, and go see her like you want to. :)